Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wrapping it Up - Our Last Halloween Thrift Find Treasure

It was only by accident that I found this thrifty treasure!  I walked into the thrift and spied a box on the floor at the entrance, I didn't go examine it but I mentioned to hubby--I thought he was looking at it as he stopped to look at something.  I asked him if he saw the werewolf, he hadn't, so I made sure to point it out to him as we were leaving (just ran in to look for Pyrex!)  I showed it to him and his eyes lit up which I was sure they would--my hubby is a big kid when it comes to holiday lights and moving figures. It was a vintage 1980s Telco Motionette. We took it to the testing station to see if it worked, which it did and I asked him if he wanted it (of course he did).  It was a high price for us thrifty folks--$13.50.  I have to mention that over 20 years ago hubby picked up a new Telco Motionette teddy bear holding a candle (and we put one of those flame bulbs in it).  The bear goes up every year as it has become our family tradition.  That bear cost $19.99 at the time (that was a lot back then) and so we found $13.50 for this secondhand werewolf a bit steep.  Here he is:

Like the teddy bear we have, this werewolf head moves smoothly around and his arms go out and come back in.

Yeah so, he's a wild looking critter.  I had to style his hair out and take a lint pick-up roller thingy to him.  I did my usual research on vintage finds to see what the history is and value--just for fun.  What I found is that this particular Motionette has recently sold for $165.72 and $192.51 and one that was listed for $555.55 (but a Best Offer was accepted, so I don't know what they settled on).  Now we would never sell this guy, but it did tickle us that we thought $13.50 was expensive!

Here he is with his face lit up.  He looks best at night .


  1. That is alternately frightening and amazing. I think I am in love.

    1. He is a bit of a wild thing! His hair/fur cracks me up!


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