Saturday, October 19, 2013

Coolest Vintage Halloween String Lights!

It's just my opinion...but these are definitely the coolest Halloween string lights I have ever seen.  They were given to us years ago, I'll guess about 8 to 10 and they were a thrift store find.  I don't know the age, I'm guessing they are 1980s.  I just have to share these cool lights!

There are 10 lights on the string.  Each figure has a unique base color and there are at least 6 different hand painted colors.

Of all the lamps, this Egyptian one is my favorite.  It is the only one with with metallic paint.  It looks really cool with the light shining through it and on the backside there is a mummy stepping out of the sarcophagus!

Here are the other guys on the the strand...


  1. Those are really cool. Wish I could find something like that!

  2. Those are too cute, I love Frankenstein!!!


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