Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Day in the Life of Pyrex

It was at Pyrexy day in the kitchen, well--everyday is really.  I usually prepare meals from scratch no less than twice a day.  I cooked growing up and continued that tradition when we got married.  Now I have to eat a particular way for health reasons, so preparing meals is a must.  Today I got the bug to chronicle my Pyrex use. (I have my Butterfly Gold collection on my peninsula for autumn).  The day isn't over, but I won't be cooking anymore so here it goes!

It started with lunch.  Hubby is teaching a morning class and late afternoon class this term, so he gets to come home for lunch.  I'm not always sure exactly when he'll arrive. I like to have the food ready before he gets here and get the kitchen back in order, but I don't want the food to dry out or reheat it again, so I put it in the oven to keep it warm. 

Hubby's lunch du jour was Hungarian style goulash with red cabbage!  He was a happy boy!  I kept it warm in this plain gold 471.

Me, I couldn't eat what I fed him and opted for egg flower soup as I felt a bit under the weather but...

not enough to keep me from whipping up a batch of low starch/grain free brownies!  I need something sweet in the house and there really isn't anything I can buy in the store that I should eat. 

And since hubby is going to be home past dinner time and the oven was hot, I threw in some lasagna from the freezer for him.  I nibbled on turkey breast and avocado--I used Vernonware for that!  I used a Pyrex cradle I found at the thrift recently, for the first time.  I love it!  I see on ebay they came in different sizes.  Hope I find some more of the other sizes!!  I'm loving my new retired (for good I hope) life.  It gives me a lot more time to really enjoy my Pyrex!!


  1. I mostly collect pink and turquoise but your post has me wishing I had a few pieces of Butterfly Gold for Fall! Food looks and tastes so much better in Pyrex!


    1. Erica, it's so true--Pyrex has a way of doing that to food! Wonder if it's the joy we have when we are cooking with our beautiful Pyrex that puts that extra something special into it!!!

  2. Let me chime in my agreement-food always tastes and looks better in a Pyrex dish :) I love reading about and seeing pictures of how people use their Pyrex, thanks for sharing!

  3. Just commenting to say I am newly "retired" as well. I became a SAHM this past May after 13 years of working in a cube farm. My daughter is 7 so it took me a while :) I also run my husband's business so I do "kind of" work but like you I hope I don't ever have to go back to a a formal job.


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