Friday, October 11, 2013

Vintage Wall Art -- Paintings

I'm always looking for stuff to hang on the walls when I hit the thrift.  And I'm always delighted when I find something that appeals to me!  And I'm thoroughly giddy when it's dirt cheap! Being a lifelong amateur artist myself, I look for things that inspire me and as an artist.  Here is a large painting I purchased for $9.99!  It is wonderfully rendered, professionally framed and the choice of framing material is perfect.  The painting has very nice brush and palette knife work.  Even more, it works with the decor in our den which sways Danish modern.  The cognac color banding in the frame of the painting matches the color of our Norwegian leather Ekornes recliner--love it when things come together!

Though I posted the following in a previous blog post, now that I've hung them on the wall I couldn't help but snap a pic!  Here is the set of 1950s Japanese hand painted porcelain tile paintings.  These were sold separately and I managed for get all four at once for $3.99 each.  I have this mentality when I go to the thrifts that I don't spend in the double digits for a single item--so I wrangled with the fact the set cost me $15.96.   Sometimes I can be such a cheapskate--sigh.  But I absolutely LOVE these!!!!!

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