Monday, February 23, 2015

Vintage Thrift Store Finds and Le Creuset

I've been going thrifting more infrequently, working on curbing any hoarding tendencies.  I am also working hard to get things I will actually use, gift or know I can definitely sell or trade.  Well, the occasional "I can live without this but I'm gonna buy it anyway" creeps in, but I think I'm doing pretty good for the most part!

Here are some goodies I got.  In the years I've been collecting, I have never found any Pyrex Woodland or unmarked opal refrigerator dishes in the thrift stores. I was delighted to run into these.  The turquoise dish is Maid of Honor with a Glasbake lid.  I am so thrilled to have found this Le Creuset skillet.  The Lodge skillet I have is too tall, too heavy and too hard to clean, plus it's not enameled.  This is one of those items that gets used in our house practically everyday, I used it yesterday and just loved it!

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  1. What exciting finds! I can understand why you couldn't resist. I wouldn't have been able to either!


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