Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pyrex in Action - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free Burger Bun

I'm on a roll trying recipes for bread substitutes.  I made this recipe for burgers tonight and it is a winner!!!  Hubby says I can make sandwiches for him to take to work with these!

Not much in the way of ingredients needed for it either...

Mix it up, spread it out and bake...

Once these got dressed up with homemade guacamole/bacon and sauces, we could hardly taste the tahini and the texture was great, didn't get soggy or fall apart.

You can get the recipe here. I made 4 pieces for 2 burgers from the recipe.  And it was very filling!


  1. Hi Evie!!

    Your burger looks incredibly yummy!!

    And thanks so much for linking back to the tahini bun recipe!

    I added your drool worthy photo to the original post too. ♥


    ps: Can we please swap dishes? My Pyrex collection pails in comparison to yours! So jealous!

    1. Thanks Andrea!

      It's an honor to have my picture on your post! I have a weakness for the mid century dishware as you can see! I gotta closet with a healthy helpin' of swappin' Pyrex!!!



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