Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pink and Pyrex! Two of my Favorite Things.

I'm trying to wind down this evening.  The holidays tends to wear me out.  I love all the decorations, but I was ready to clear my kitchen table and peninsula of all the stuff.  I was on a mission--I don't know how many hours passed, but I got it done.  Mind you, the expected sad puppy eyes from hubby appeared, he always gets sad when I take down the decorations.  I'm doing it gently though, I left the Santa and candle blow molds and a small vintage made in Hong Kong plastic floral arrangement.  I put my Friendship Pyrex on the peninsula as it has that festive red.  After all that I made supper.  Yesterday, after running over to my neighbor's house, she needed some advice on a wreath she is making--she sent me home with a couple things...

...homemade tamales!  Me and hubby LOVE food, especially homemade food and tamales are no exception!  So after getting my kitchen in order I served them up in some divided Pyrex dishes!  Boy were they delicious!

The tamales weren't the only thing she sent me home with.  She knows my love of vintage and she ran into something at an estate sale that she knew I would love!!


A pink angel---perfect for my pink tree!  I was so thrilled!!  Hubby found a blue one on Christmas Eve and now I have a pink one as well!

Well, no more Christmas thrifting until next season.  It's back to other stuff and here is a beautiful bowl I found the other day.

This unusual shaped bowl with pink and gold caught my eye.  It is from PY Miyao.  It has a smooth satin finish and it's about 8" at the widest point.  I can't find one online like it.  Hubby found something we both had a chuckle over...

Yep!  Max Factor crew cut styling product.  It was 89 cents and after opening it up to see it was never touched, we had to take it.  I forgot to take a picture of the back--it has some application graphics.  I'm thinking of putting a small shelf in the second bath for some other vintage personal care products we might run into in the future.


  1. Your food looks so great in the divided dishes!

    I thrift for Christmas any month of the year!!

    1. I wish I could Jill, the thrifts don't carry any Christmas stuff out of season, I'll have to start garage sale-ing again!

  2. Love the PY/Miyao plate! That stuff was manufactured, made in Japan, from the late 1940s to around 1961, especially as 'veggie people and fruit faces' like Cabbage Girl scouring pad holder, Celery Head salt and pepper shakers, Avocado Head planter, Roosters and Roses (like your plate).For more info, PY/Miyao Fun Kitchen Collectibles by Belinda Euans explores the Miyawo Company who produced, along with other companies, pieces for Lefton.

    1. Glad you like the bowl too Dawn! Thanks for the title on the book, I'll have to find it!!!! I do look for the kitchen stuff too, it hasn't come my way yet--keeping my fingers crossed!



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