Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bed Linens - Mixing the Old with the New

Every now and again I buy some new covers for my comforter.   I don't get new ones often, so adding other textiles like vintage pillowcases is fun, inexpensive and lets me change things up a little.

This a pair of vintage pillowcases I picked up more recently at an estate sale for 50 cents for the pair.  They have embroidered peacocks with crocheted trim.  I have always loved embroidery and have done some myself as well.  I purchased the duvet covers and matching pillowcases retail--they were advertised as children's, but they reminded me of the linens in Hyacinth's bedroom on the British comedy TV show Keeping Up Appearances.  I don't know how it happened, but when I started thrifting again and picking up vintage stuff, I got bit by the pink bug! Not sure how many sets of pillowcases I have picked up, I'll guess no less than 8 to 10 pair.  I look forward to changing my linens as I get to look through all my pretty pillowcases.  The previous embroiderers and owners of these cases would be pleased to know how well taken care of and treasured they are!


  1. Wow what a steal! And yes that will be fun to switch them out!! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

  2. I love the vintage pillowcases! What a deal! I just re-did my bedroom this past autumn in pretty vintage/kitschy there, with similar linens (I did cheat and get pale pink Shabby Chic comforter) and vintage printed fabric to make bed pillows. I think your colors are similar ty Hyacinth's room too! And funny, I got the pink thing going on too when I went back to thrifting vintage for my bedroom re-do! Hope I can score some pillowcases like these at my local estate sales!

    1. Dawn--I love mixing new and old, it's just not always practical to do 100% vintage for me. Nice to hear someone else travels a similar pink vintage that path I do!


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