Thursday, January 30, 2014

All Good Things in Time - Jewelry Box (Before and After)

Thrifting isn't just all about find things is it?  There's the unloading, stacking/putting it somewhere, taking off price tags, washing/cleaning, putting away.  That is generally the very least of it.  Today I brought home one of those "project" things.  When we were at the thrift store, I showed hubby this find--it would be for him.  I said I would need to do this and that to it, he said "you sure you want to go through that" and I said, "well if you really want it, I don't mind doing it".  So here's what I got.

A dirty glass top jewelry showcase/display box.  Just what hubby needs for his vintage cufflinks and tie accessories.  I made him a tray to stick in the drawer of his little antique table from his grandmother, but he quickly outgrew that.  I didn't want to spend $30 or more for a new box, so he's been limping along.  But it's a pain, he has all these little boxes he has to go through in addition to the overflowing tray. 

There are 56 cells, that's a lot!  He has room to grow in this!  That's nice, I won't have to even think about it for a while.  Well, since I usually have more projects than I need going on, I decided to clean this up after supper.  I vacuumed it, cleaned the glass, wiped down all the wood with alcohol and scraped the edge along the glass where there was some excess stain.  Then I made templates to cut felt to line the cells.  I could only do the top, I don't have enough light colored felt to the bottom as well. 

Here it is.  I packed everything in the top tier though some things will be separated out once I get the lower tier felted.  I made some some trays beige and some white.  I sorted silver toned items into the white and gold toned into the beige.  It probably won't stay that way for long.

Another project down, another area of the house organized!  Oh and, it cost $3.50! 


  1. Great find! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. It was one of those practical finds Linda, but I love finding the older better made things (like this is out of wood, instead of synthetics). This has a certain amount of charm that fits in with hubby's masculine antique styled dressing room. Thrift stores are so fun that way--finding the unexpected!

  2. It looks beautiful! It really shows off the cufflink collection well :)

  3. Pretty....looks like that can hold many treasures!!! :) xo Holly


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