Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage Curtains for my Mid Century Ranch Laundry Room

One of the things on my wishlist is mid century curtains.  There are some pretty neat ones out there, but for Mrs. Vintage-on-a-budget, I've come up empty handed--until now.  I found these on ebay and put them on my watch list days before auction was ending, and 2 minutes before the auction was up, I remembered to go check on them and I decided to bid and I won. 

These curtains appear to be polyester and are a bit textured, slightly shiny, and off-white.  One of the pinch pleats was frayed (which was pictured in the auction), but since I knew I would be cutting them down and removing the pleats--no biggie.  There is a bit more wear than was described, but re-hemming them up gave them a new fresh edge with out destroying too much of the pattern.  I sewed them by hand and did it the day after I got them--determined not to let another project go undone! Now I have to do a little redecorating (an excuse to go on the hunt  for more vintage!)

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