Saturday, April 14, 2012

Find of the Day

I wasn't planning on stopping by the stores today.  My husband I and were just going to do some grocery shopping, but we live so close to so many of them, we said what the heck.  I decided to peek at the flatware today and lo and behold--28 pieces from a set of Americana International Stainless in the 'star' pattern.  Cost me $7, but what makes it so sweet is that I am replacing my 30 year old everyday flatware that just looks terrible.  This Americana looks a lot better than my old stuff, nice and shiny!  Now my husband has something else to hunt for when we go to the thrift stores--I'm not all that keen on looking through flatware.

There are a lot of teaspoons, which for me is great.  I cook everyday and frequently use multiple teaspoons.
I also like to eat with salad/dessert forks, so I was glad to find four. Gonna need dinner forks though, only one of those. 

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