Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coordinating my Finds

 (Cat planter and fish salt shaker, Harmony House pottery dinner plate)
 (Lefton dogs, spaghetti poodles and glass chrysanthemums)

My finds are pretty much limited to the thrift shop.  I can't justify buying inexpensive things on line and paying a bunch of postage.  It's kinda neat though--because I'm more limited to what I can buy, I have an easier time deciding on what I will get.  Here are a couple shelves on the wall in my family room.  I have my vintage finds on them and I do change things around periodically.  The Lefton elongated dogs were the most expensive find, but still under $10.  The other items are in the 99 cent to $3 range. I found the glass mums today!  I've always liked jade trees, so I was really excited to find this pot of mums.  They are really nice!

(wall at night with up lighting)


  1. Great idea with the shelves! As I am a copy-cat vintage decorator, I love this idea and I love the items you placed together. I have passed a few vintage items, not thinking until recently.. why not more little shelves set up here and there? I have LOTS of wall space being wasted! Love the cat/fish/plate combo

    1. That's great that you have lots of wall space! I just make the plate hangers myself, so easy and you can make a ton for cheap if you need them! Those little shelves can be found at our thrifts all the time.


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