Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Vintage Christmas Decorating and New Drapes - 1958 Ranch

I've been extremely busy with the holiday season here.  I decided to post these pictures of the front room I've been turning into girl vintage.  Last time I posted I was waiting for my drapes.  They are here and hung and I'm so excited.  The room feels so cozy now.

I covered the hearth in Flor carpet tile and topped it with a flokati.  I like that it can be used for seating. The fire place screen was cheaply made and I ended up having to spray it with two different types of gold spray paint. I attached the pink wreath I finally made for myself this summer.  Ubiquitous made in Japan vintage angels and a strand of pine cone lights from the thrifts.

My new drapes.  I was fortunate to have someone offer to sew drapes for me.  I picked a retro style pattern that I felt I could live with a long time and not tire of.

As funny as it might sound, I'm glad I have a tight budget.  I really enjoy the hunt for little vintage treasures.  It's fun to find things you fall in love with that you can get for a few dollars or so.   If I had a much bigger budget, I would find it hard to make decisions on what to buy.

I made this little putz house from an on line pattern a few years ago or so. 

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