Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thrifty Finds and Creations -- Last of 2016

The new year is right around the corner and I decided to look through my photos and see what I haven't posted.

Hubby spots vintage at the thrifts even though he doesn't necessarily know if it is for sure.  Vintage Hazel Atlas striped glasses, good find in my parts as Hazel Atlas doesn't come up often for me.

These vintage hand painted eggshell mini lights were a super find!! I love the graphics, couldn't believe my luck.

Not that I intended to have a collection of vintage made in Japan birds, but I keep finding them. This year I found the peacocks.

Some glass work I did before the holidays, I was quite busy the weeks before Christmas this year.

Pyrex Terra earrings wired in sterling silver with carnelian, agate and amber beads.  (All my vintage glass work is made from shards sent to me by collectors.  I don't break dishes for my work, there is plenty broken in shipping unfortunately).

Vintage Jeannette Jadite glass wrapped in 14/20 gold filled wire with cultured pearl.

Very little of my work is created with the intention to sell. I either make pieces in exchange for broken shards or as custom work on request. More of my ornaments are requested these days. They are fun to make and some glass is better suited to ornaments because of the scale of the pattern. My ornaments are generally 3 to four inches long.

JAJ Pyex Shamrock Ornament

Pyrex Black Gooseberry ornament

Fire King Tulips Ornament

The following are jewelry pendants.

Vintage Pyrex aqua bowl shard wrapped in sterling with lamp worked bead.

Pendant made from Pyrex Balloons Chip bowl.

Pyrex Butterfly Gold with cultured pearl.

Pyrex Pendant and magnets in Colonial Mist.

Pyrex Early American.

There was Pyrex over the holidays.  Charcoal snowflake Thanksgiving leftover dish to slowly reheat in the oven on black Friday.  Nice to come home to hot lunch after shopping!

Played with some filters and made a retro picture.

Isn't she peachy?


  1. Love your art from broken pyrex. I won't freak on the family if someone breaks something. I will look into having you make me something. Live crazy daisy and American one if you have any pendants

    1. It does take some of the sting out of a break seeing something pretty come from it Jenny :) I have an inventory of glass at this point, Spring Blossom and Early American are included! Message me through my Etsy shop if you ever need something ;)

  2. Your work is gorgeous, as always! I've never seen those kind of Christmas lights-they are so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Maureen! I love finding unique stuff like those lights!

  3. I've hunted but never even seen those striped HA glasses in the wild. Your jewelry creations are lovely.

    1. Thanks Pam! I was shocked about the glasses. Finding anything put Pyrex in my parts isn't easy and always a great surprise!! :)


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