Monday, November 2, 2015

Thrift Store Yarn - Felted Wool Bag, Vintage Button

I am so not into clothes, jewelry, purses etc.  My favorite bag that I carry when I'm in my jeans is a felted bag I make from wool yarn I find at the thrift stores. My summer bag looks like it is at its end and so I needed to make a new one.  I made time to whip this one up.

One of the reasons I love making these bags is that I can make just the right size and shape that works for me.  I'm petite and prefer smaller bags.  This one is made from 6 different colors of wool yarn. It is sturdy and stands up on its own.

Bag before felting aka fulling.

I've been collecting vintage buttons over the years. I look for oversized colorful ones just for a handful of special projects like this.


  1. Seriously, Evie-is there no end to your talents?? This bag is delightful!


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