Monday, November 9, 2015

Crafts - Felted Wool Bag and Pyrex Christmas Diorama

This time of year I start getting the desire to sip tea and do some type of needle work in the evenings.  I started looking for wool yarn for felting at the thrift stores again as I haven't been looking for a while. Making a black shoulder bag has been on my list for some time--well, years actually. I knew I would have to find a yarn with white fibers in it because there was no point in trying to fight my corgi's fairy saddle from ending up as part of the design! haha! Dug in my collection of vintage buttons for just the right one.

I was prompted to make a Pyrex 501 Diorama for someone. Here is my naughty snowball throwing Santa.

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  1. What a great idea for 501's! I've never seen anybody else do this before, Evie. These would be a great seller at a craft show or Etsy!



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