Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vintage Trades - McKee and Starburst

I haven't been trading so much recently.  Not much I want, or what I want no one has, or I don't have what people want to trade for what they have that I want.  All of that make sense?  haha!  I did have people contact me though who said they have things on my list!  And so I added to my McKee fridgies...

And also now have the yellow Fire King splash proof bowl to go with my red and green. Very excited to get this huge minty Franciscan Starburst chop plate too!  It was great unloading some things that were in my trade pile at the same time!


  1. awesome! Wish there was a trade group near me!

  2. Between the Mckee and the Glasbake, you are killing me!!


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