Friday, July 24, 2015

Time for some Finds!

We've been going out, finding some treasures and some practical things.  My most exciting piece is probably the 9.5" minty Cathrineholm bowl I got for a great price.  Hubby has been working on his tiki collection. Most Pyrex is for my trade list or reselling at a fair price to locals--gives me an excuse to continue to pick it up! But I still leave A LOT behind!


  1. Good grief! Where in the world do you live to find so much and at such great prices? I'm luck to find one thing in a month at the thrifts in WA state anymore. And most things have a high price tag. That is amazing! I Adore the Waltzing Vegie Towel ;)

    1. Honestly Stacey, it doesn't seem like a lot of stuff for the amount of time we spend looking. It's a lot of time and gas. Fortunately it is something my husband and I love to do together!!! In the old days, when we didn't have money to spend on such things, we would go to the beach and look for rocks! LOL



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