Friday, June 26, 2015

Busy Time! -- A Post in Pictures

As always, I've kept myself busy!  Hubby had a mini vacation between terms and wanted to mindlessly go thrifting.  Did I say no?  Of course not!  I also tended to the garden and tried to feed us.

I don't need to start any new collections, but I ran into 3 of these Glasbake loaf pans in one week.  They were cheap, I couldn't resist.

I traded away my Blue Tulip Pyrex dish for a box full of broken Pyrex to make jewelry with. Then I missed it.  Met up with a local and traded for one.  I also found the carafe that goes to my Hocking Glass collection on ebay.  She's beautiful

Americana Star flatware is one I've been piecing together.  I found a great deal for a set new in box on line.  This is our everyday flatware that goes with our atomic pottery dishes.  Traded for another piece that I let go and then had regrets about. Found a Desert Dawn 232 pan and hubby insisted on the Happy Apple.

This was one day of thrifting.  

Another day of thrifting, I swear I heard the angels sing when I picked up the space saver lid!  I have pretty good luck finding them.

Unmarked opal bowls, super cute donkey bank and a chenille bathroom set for my friend.

Fun stuff on this day.  The shell wall pocket is Leyden Allen Arts out of California.  I hung it on the wall with my Norcrest surfing mermaids and they look great together.   The lidded mosaic container is West Germany and it is tin.  Harmony House sugar bowl.

I've been looking for just the right things for my bedroom that I'm decorating in a '50 Asian theme.  I couldn't resist this Danbury Mint parakeet piece.  It is so life like.  

This Napco Queen of Hearts planter was a super find--she's so cute.  The frog planter has holes for hanging.  Fire King planter is perfect to hold plastic storage container Pyrex lids in my kitchen drawer.  And though the blue flower Glasbake isn't a spectacular piece, it's a shape and size is different from all my other bakeware and I've already needed to use it.

Picked up lots of Pyrex storage containers which is great, love to organize my kitchen.  Pyrex for my trade pile and the space saver was a surprise find.  Finally found my first Texas Ware bowl, not like I need any, but I've seen people pick them up right in front of me before.  This one is yellow which really appeals to me.  Now that I have one, I can rest! Hubby insisted on the (minty) Fire King Kimberly bowls.  And he's got a new huge bling ring!  haha!  My weakness for atomic pottery dishes knows no end, some pieces of Taylor Smith Taylor in the Cathay pattern.

I have the large 444 Green Ivy Pyrex bowl and have secretly been wanting the small 441 to complete the chip and dip set.  I could have traded for one several times, but shipping is not cheap in trading and I resisted.  Finally picked one up for $1.79.  

A couple Hazel Atlas bowls. The little white one could have possibly been painted at one time.  Another candle holder for my collection.

Hubby found these vintage hand painted Japanese tiles which I hung in the bedroom.  I have a set of four seasons I found years ago and also have large lotus and quail ones.  Love these.  There was Pyrex out there and the old chartreuse AT&T TrimLine phone works perfectly in our Danish modern den.  The Federal flower pieces are from a trade.  I love trading, I get such awesome things that way.

Then there were lots of vintage dishes in action.  Smoothies in Anchor Hocking glasses.

Caprese salad...

Strawberries and snowpeas from the garden...

....followed by strawberries and freshly whipped chocolate whipped cream.

Abundance of garden greens.

I have all but the opal 231, opals are one of my favorites in Pyrex dishes.

Plenty strawberries from the garden--Hazel Atlas Moderntone sherbet cups.

Another experimental grain free bread recipe and it came out great!

Sliced and on a Franciscan Oasis plate.

I have plans to do a lot of interior painting in the coming weeks.  So thrifting is going to have to take a back seat.  I think I've done enough thrifting just in the last week alone, so I am ready for a break!  


  1. Oh my - what amazing finds/trades!

  2. Oh my, love that candle holder. I would love to see a post about your collection.


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