Monday, June 1, 2015

Baking, Fixing, Playing...

Busy as always.  I find time to take pictures more than I do write.

I experimented and made bread from ground sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. Not bad!

I traded for this nice Pyrex cradle that was missing the handles. I put handles from an other cradle that I had onto this one.  I almost felt like my fingernails were going to peel off while trying to remove them, but I was determined to to win the battle!

Traded for some delphite Pyrex fridiges and found another Hocking Glass dish for my collection.

Made a new Pyrex franken set.  That's always fun.

Added my new delphite to my 501 stack.

Picked up a Salem Northstar saucer and enjoyed a little tea the next day.

Great find of six Vernonware Heavenly Days tumblers.  It's been a while since I've found any mid century pottery dinneware that I like.

Hubby loves the owls ,he found this bank with large glass rhinestone eyes.

I managed to get the irrigation for all my gardens up and running before the hot weather sets in.  I bought some new house numbers that I need to put up.  My list of things to do never seems to get any shorter!


  1. There is no way that I will ever finish my to do list in my lifetime! But I like to be busy so I guess that works out good for me:-)

    That owl is so sweet! I have one like that roaming around somewhere. Now to find where I put it!


    1. I know what you mean Erica, no time to get bored and just the way it needs to be! :0)

  2. I found a few awesome midcentury dinnerware pieces this weekend. You should hop over to my blog and check 'em out. I also found an orphaned round lid that would go on one of those ribbed HA fridgies. You always find/trade for some amazing pieces.

    1. You found lots of great stuff as usual Melissa!!!


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