Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pyrex on my Counter! -- Friendship!

I just had to take a picture of my Friendship collection to date.  I'm using my Primary 402 red mixing bowl until I maybe find a Friendship 402 some day.  I've had this collection on my peninsula for about 6 weeks now, I think.  I'm ready for something different, not sure what, but I'll probably change it tomorrow!

Above this counter is a pendant fixture that has 5 UFO shaped lights hanging at different levels.  At night, I dim them to just the right brightness and it makes the reds and oranges glow!  Wish I could capture that with my camera.  It makes the kitchen feel very warm, especially during the cold winter months.


  1. Great collection!

    I actually found a Friendship under plate once. There is someone in my hometown who seems to find an abundance of rare Pyrex in thrift stores (how... I don't know... because I never see it.. & I am talking rare) & they have found 2 under plates in thrift stores. I found mine for $6 in an antique market. I was so proud after being jealous of theirs.

    You know. I really think some people lie about where they find stuff. But that's just me. A mint condition rare piece of Pyrex, complete with lid, cradle from the 50's that goes for over $100 on eBay for a $1 tax free? I don't believe it.

    1. But I had passed on the casserole for $18 at a market a few weeks before because I said I'd never find the under plate. I really wanted that particular casserole!

  2. What a nice friendship collection!
    I haven't found that pattern yet!

    1. Here's a sprinkle of Friendship finding luck Holly!!!



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