Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Latest Vintage Finds - Slim Pickin's

I finally scrounged up enough finds to bother with posting.  Thrifts are pretty dry right now which means I spend more time looking for practical things like GU10 light bulbs that I really needed (and I found some!)  Here are some of the highlights of my finds!

This was probably the most exciting of all my finds.  Even the box is cool!  It is the box for an Acon range finder camera made between 1956-1958 and it is in excellent condition!  Inside the box is this...

A collection of vintage German glass glitters, some green poly glitters and pink and white loose flocking. I love all the glass bottles--the little ones are about an inch an a half tall.

And old envelope from Favor, Ruhl & Co.

With silver glass glitter inside.

I was on the look out for a caddy for the 8 vintage glasses I got last week.  I got one that I thought was pretty nice.
But then I discovered one of the glasses was slightly smaller and wanted to slip out the bottom!  I decided to keep this one anyway.  I'd like to get a mixed set of glasses for everyday.  That way as they break we can buy new ones.

Didn't take me long to find this one.  It has a nice wood handle and I like the chevron design.  I also found a couple Prolon serving bowls in turquoise.

These have the same shape as my Vernonware pottery bowls.  

Hubby found these little guys...
They are pottery craft by "Rose V." bless her heart.  She should be pleased to know that her handicraft is in a home that loves it.  There is a small glass marble in the eye of the smaller fish, we may go for putting rhinestones in--have to see how that looks.  They are only about 3" and 4", the larger one is a wall planter, I'll put some faux-liage in it.

I'm going to link with Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at thriftasaurus, surely there is more going on over at the thrifting party than here on my blog! 


  1. That is a super cool find - the camera box full of glitter jars. I passed on a caddy with 3 jars in it today (I thought about putting glitter in them, lol), but if it's there next Friday (probably won't be), I'll get it. I like that glass caddy. Very stylish. Stylish enough that I want to have one.

    1. Sir Thrifty--I've seen those glass caddies over the years and didn't need one. I was worried that now that I want one, I wouldn't find it--fortunately they came along lickity split! I don't have upper cabinet space for more glasses, so the caddy allows me to safely put them in lower cabinet space out of the way. Another way to squeeeeeze in more vintage goodies!

  2. Cool finds as always! Love the glass racks. Ah that glass glitter is such fun, what an unsual find, you're going to really enjoy that.

    1. Yeah, don't you just love those unusual finds Pam? I can't help but wonder about their (glitter) history.


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