Monday, November 19, 2012

Syroco Before and After

I see vintage plastic wall plaques pretty regularly at the thrift stores.  Most don't appeal to me, the ones I might like aren't the ones I find.  I was on my way out one day and did my last glance as I went down the aisle to leave and spotted these.  Not my subject, but spot on for our resident historian.  They were 99 cents a piece and far be it from me to pass up a new project!  A coat of white primer and acrylic paints--voila!

Working with these craft acrylics is new to me.  I love that you can thin them down and apply layers building up the colors and creating texture.  The metallic colors are excellent for a water based paint.  Soap and water clean up and no odor!  I ended up finding way more of these paints than I needed at the thrift (funny--whenever I need something a few trips to the thrift and there it is!)

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