Monday, November 19, 2012

Gravel Art - Mosette

I'm calling this gravel art because that seems to be what folks are referring to it as being.  When I was a kid my mom got me craft and activity kits. I was always creating things, building things, drawing pictures... 

When I was perusing ebay one day I ran across a finished gravel art piece and it jogged my memory--I had seen this before, and not only did I remember seeing it, but I remembered making it.  Well, I don't know if I made that particular on ebay, but who knows, maybe, just maybe.

Here's a kit I found that is from the early 70s, mine was from the 60s.  This kit has never been opened!  It still has the original cellophane and price tag on it!  Cost me 49 cents.  I'm going to make this kit and try to figure out where the heck I'm gonna put it (kinda hard fitting some of this stuff into the current decor).

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