Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vintage Clock - I Love Lucy!

Good golly!  I have been neglecting my blog!  The new job has put a wrench in my routine, and though I have still been hitting the thrifts at least once a week, I just haven't found time to post any of my finds.  I was just too excited about my latest that I have to tell somebody!

I actually bought this non-working clock about a month ago.  Hubby gave me that "are you serious" look when I showed it to him.  He's named it the I Love Lucy clock, because the cherubs remind him of Lucille Ball. The back is inscribed with gold ink "1956". It is exquisitely hand painted and a $4.99 find.

Today he found a working vintage clock so I got it in hopes I could swap out the innards.   Not only does it run, but it has a much nicer face with a second hand and radium painted hands.  I absolutely love this clock.  It's one of my most favorite finds! Oh and, apparently the clock has grown on my husband.

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