Sunday, August 19, 2012

Better than I could have imagined!

I've been looking at vintage mid century curtains/drapes for months now.  The family room desperately needs something to perk it up. I have all these windows...2 of those high and narrow 6' x 24" types and a 6 x 4'.  Then there is the full light door.  Yesterday I went out with my list of textiles that I need and I couldn't believe (still can't) that I found a pair of drapes I am in love with!  They are so me!  Those of you who know my love of Asian art won't be surprised. They fit with our Ekornes leather chairs, the berber Flor and mid century furniture we have and want.  Two 90" x 38" pinch pleated panels, fully lined and I believe they are all cotton. Drum roll... $7.50!  They were half off!

The drapes are too long and I will have to alter them.  I'm thinking about making 3 sets of pinch pleated side panels out of them. It's going to be a lot of work--I'm no big sewer.  I'll have to get a another pair of cheap drapes just to practice on first.  That will give me time to find the hardware I need.

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