Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Franciscan Starburst

It's true...I finally got my wedding dishes 28 years later!  I think this was destined to be.  I did buy a second hand set of china really cheap when we first got married, but it was one of those things I ran into and couldn't pass up.  (More on those later in another post).  After I started going to thrift stores again after stopping for many many years, running into a Tickled Pink Vernonware cereal bowl got the vintage dishware hunt rolling.  My husband who really doesn't care about things like that so much got really vocal about how much he liked Franciscan Starburst, so we decided to get the china we never got.  Bad timing though, everybody is buying and sellers are putting some pretty juicy prices on it.  I have most of the pieces here in my wall cabinet in my kitchen where I can see it everyday.  My teapot has a number of nicks and chips, but it's just for looks and display.

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