Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1950s Ceramic Seahorses and 1960s Towels

Must have some fishy wall plaques for the 1950s home.  Being vintage on a budget, the wonderful array of fish and mermaids on ebay and elsewhere are out of my budget.  The hubby and I kept an eye open at the thrifts and we ran across a pair of banged up but still very sweet Mr.&Mrs. seahorses. 

I hunted for a set of dishtowels on ebay and won this set of new 1960s towels at a reasonable price.  They are handmade from flour sack and were never used.  They got their first washing from me.  After ironing them I hung them from thread.  Both of these collections are on  the walls bordering my patio door.  Phew!  Just found a space for them!

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