Monday, February 6, 2017

Vintage Glass in my Kitchen - Shards into Jewelry

Inevitably a lot of us Pyrex collectors fall in love with other brands of glass. There is just so much to love out there. I rearranged items on my yellow kitchen shelf that I intend to leave for a very long while. I may replace a few items over time with some special dream pieces. This is my solid color collection of McKee, Jeanette, Glasbake (and Maid of Honor) Pyrex, Fire King and a Delphite bowl set that looks like Fire King but is unmarked and no one knows for sure what it is. I got a little sun in my kitchen this cold rainy morning so I thought I'd take a picture.

I completed some jewelry requests and exchange pieces recently as well. My pieces are made from glass shards sent to me by other collectors.  It's sad to receive dishes in pieces when they are highly sought after collectibles that aren't easy (or cheap) to get, but I do get satisfaction in creating lasting keepsakes from them.

Agee Pyrex in Flannel Flowers

Pyrex Balloons

Pyrex Black Rooster

Pyrex Bluebelle

McKee Jadite

Beach Glass

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