Monday, April 4, 2016

Lots of Jewelry Making and a Little Vintage Finds

I've been working steadily on exchange pieces which is how I build my Pyrex/glass shard inventory for my jewelry making.  It's been really busy as I am also filling requests as well as squeezing in some things I'm inspired to work on.  One of my back burner items has been a bracelet.  I wired up some shards a few weeks ago, just playing around with the idea.  This past weekend I rewired and added some pearls. I've selected some patterns I may use, but this first bracelet I will make for myself and give it a test run.  My wrist is very small so I will only be able to use 5 pieces of worked glass.

This practice piece is wired in some craft wire I got cheap at the thrift store--I will wire in sterling when the new shards are done.  Pearls are cultured fresh water.

I've had this broken 471 Pink Butterprint Pyrex dish for over 6 months and finally made a pair of earrings from it.  These sold the minute I posted the shards on FB even before they were wired.

I was more than happy to create a pair of Golden Honeysuckle earrings for a customer.

I've been receiving a lot of non-Pyrex glass recently which is a lot of fun! This is from a Fire King Meadow Green dish.  I beefed up my semi-precious stones stash and the red coral was here just in time.

I love funky and mod stuff.  This is a portion of a Fire King Summerfield custard dish. Embellished with coral and amber.

I've made a couple of these Pyrex Gold Medallion pendants for exchanges before--each one a different shape. 14/20 gold filled wire with aventurine stone and pearl.

I had a request for large orange daisy earrings.  These are 3 inches long.  Beads are amazonite.

Whenever I show Agee Pyrex Strawberries, they never last long. They are always fun to make.

Everybody loves the Early America kitty, the lady that requested it is so delighted.

Customer request -- Lace Medallion.

A lady sent me the lid to her 024 Paradise that was accidentally broken by her husband.  I rarely get clear patterned Pyrex.  She's sad she lost the lid but was thrilled to see what replaced. it. Wired in 14/20 gold filled wire embellished with turquoise, hand cut quartz crystal rondelle and freshwater pearl.

I love requests because I sometimes work on things I may not get around to for awhile.  This is Pyrex pattern Terra.

A couple pendants for a lady that sent me a big box full of broken Pyrex.  The green starburst is Glasbake.

That's a handful of pictures from some of the things I've made since I last posted.

I haven't been hunting as much.  I don't read anymore glassware.  I limit my Pyrex/glass finds to things in nice condition that are inexpensive that I'll either use or know I can trade. I have a local lady who is a collector and we meet up, so I pick things up for her as well.

 Finally a Humpty Dumpty has made it into our lives!  haha!  And Ruben's at that!

1950s pottery vanity box with trays.

Mid century book holder from Israel.

I've done very little trading, the little I've done kinda just happened without my prompting.  I've received some great things!  I need to clean and change up my kitchen display in the coming week and post some of those new goodies!!!


  1. You make truely beautiful jewelry out of these shards of Pyrex. I am so impressed by your amazing skills. Cheers, Michele

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment Michele.

  2. Where do you sell your jewelry? I loved several of the pieces you pictured on this post.

    1. Tracy there are links to my Etsy shop and Facebook page in the upper right hand corner. I create pieces time permitting with exchange pieces being my priority, then custom requests. New items are presented on my Facebook page and those that have not sold go to the Etsy shop when I can find time to list them. Direct inquiries are welcome. :0) Evie


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