Monday, February 8, 2016

Vintage Dishes!

I gave my kitchen a good cleaning a few days ago and was in the mood to change up my vintage glass display. Needed something a little less visually busy so I went for sorting by color. Here is the orange shelf.  I thrifted these made in occupied Japan salt and pepper shakers recently. They are so nicely done and since I don't have any roosters or chickens in my kitsch collection, I found these to be a wonderful example to add to it.

A view of the entire shelf.

I got in some trading over the last few months.  I'm very selective anymore. I have a lot of glass.  I've resorted to selling some.

The day I found the the chicken and rooster salt and pepper shakers, I also received a trade in the mail and an  Hocking Glass carafe I stumbled across on line.  I generally don't shop on line, but it just so happened that I was a little bored one evening and did a little window shopping.

I have never run into a Bartlett Collins cookie jar at the thrifts until recently, two in less than a week. Fortunately they are two different sizes.  One of the big ones is enough--it is huge! Some other vintage thrift store finds...


  1. Evie!!! Your kitchen is delicious, and I can't believe you thrifted an AH 503! You give me hope! My best thrift recently was a lidless mod kitchen in good condition.


    1. Thanks Kittee! You place is just as delightfully colorful and charming! Yes, I was surprised to run into the AH 503! I couldn't leave it--figured if I couldn't trade it I could always use it. :0)


  2. I love your shelf and all your finds. So much eye candy! Gorgeous kitchen too. :)

    1. Thanks Pam. I swear I'm addicted to color!! LOL


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