Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Favorite Vintage Ornaments

These are some of my favorite vintage ornaments collected over the years.


  1. Great collection Evie! Nothing like the vintage ones. :)

  2. Evie, it seems like you like ornaments with characters in them! Adorable! I am feeling like a slug, because even though I get off from my job at 4:00 (substitute teaching) I am so exhausted I can do nothing but play with the animals, talk to the husband and go to bed. What drives me nuts is I have all these shiny brites out in the shed, just waiting to be made into a wreath.

    Oh, and sad story-we had a minor earthquake a while ago (no big deal, I live in an extremely earthquake prone area), when we went to check out the shed, a dog kennel had fallen on some of my shiny brite ornaments!!! There was much gnashing of teeth, and my husband saying "what is the big deal?". You will be happy to know he is still alive and kicking :)


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