Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pulling in the Reins - Pyrex Finds

I've been collecting Pyrex for years and it's been fun.  The hunt is still exciting, but there is a limit to how much I can bring home and retain in my collection.  I've traded a lot and sold a little,  all of which is time consuming.  It's feeling like too much stuff, so I've been purging and putting more for sale and have donated to my favorite animal rescue charity.  But naturally, there will still be a handful of things I can't resist when the price is right or it is something one of my locals wants.

I've picked up 3 primary 402s over the years.  I've used one in place of a Friendship 402 for the longest time.  I finally found a Friendship 402.

Could not resist this beautiful red 026 Casserole.  The Golden Pine space saver I have, but picked it up for a local collector.

I never have luck finding pink Pyrex that's in good condition.  Hubby scooped this pink 501 up out of the bottom of a bucket one day.

Another rare thrift store find for me.  Over the years the only space savers I find are those with gold decoration--Golden Pine, Green Wheat and Golden Acorn. This is my second snowflake in the past couple months. I was expecting it to be priced high, but with my coupon, I got it for $3.19.


  1. Some finds are to hard to resist, even when we have more than enough. Nice share Evie!

  2. I would not be able to resist taking these beauties home! I have never seen the golden pine dish, and I absolutely love it! Along with the friendship red and gold bird bowl! Adorable.


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