Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vintage Finds - Pyrex and Japanese Cedar Birds

It was a beautiful day today and hubby has spring break next week.  We decided since we were both a bit low on motivation thanks to seasonal allergies, we'd just wander around.  I'm refraining from buying Pyrex these days, but I ran into some things I justified buying.  Great prices made it easy.

I'm trying to collect the set of 6 Glasbake Lipton soup mugs and today I found number 3.  I didn't need another Friendship 503 refrigerator dish, but this one is almost mint and my other one has a dark mark on part of the design, so I got it.  The black tulip casserole, well , too cheap to leave.  And the two Spring Blossom green  casseroles have been on my want list though I never aggressively sought them out, I waited until they came to me.  I love the lime green color of the alternating pieces of the set.  I have the 402 mixing bowl and they will become part of my daily ware.

Hubby found this sweet birds piece for his Japanese cedarwood figures collection.

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  1. Glad your spring blossoms came to you! I just wait for pieces to come to me, too!


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