Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vintage Christmas Finds!

I've been busy as usual!  We've picked up a bunch of vintage items for my holiday crafting.  Here's a Royal Copley planter we found and I promptly made an arrangement in it.  Two gold foil and glass bead stars, a plastic made in Italy tree topper and a glitter covered star were also recent finds.

All I've had time to do was to bring things home, unpack them, photograph and put them away.  I managed to make a handful of Pyrex pendants and put them in my Etsy shop, so there was packing and shipping to do in between.

This year I've gotten a thing for plastic tree toppers...

I've found a bunch of satin balls that I am wanting to make wreaths with.  Old tinsel garland, and straw tree with fabric critter ornaments and a dancing Santa on a music box, he turns when it's playing.

Planters, ornaments, bottle brush trees and Joseph Originals cups...

This particular day I found a number of items with boxes with nice graphics.  Luckily the thrifts appear to not be taping up all the ornament boxes this year.

Bits of crafting stuff, ceramics, Hong Kong wind up santa and these awesome gingerbread men...

One still has his Japan sticker on him.

And still more...

I was beyond excited to finally pick up a couple pixie knee huggers!!!  We also got a flickering hurricane lamp and a Merry Glow spinning tree topper!  Hubby found a swag made out of bottle brush that I will use in crafting.

Another really cool surprise are these light bulbs.

They came in a box with some vintage ornaments and look like just white lights marked Japan.  But to our surprise, when we plugged one in we found the interior has been painted in multiple colors.  None are exactly alike.  Once they heat up, they randomly flash, blink and fade.  There appears to be two lights within each bulb that act independently.  They are amazing! 

I also purchased one holiday item from the vintage mall.  I rarely go there and just stick to the thrifts, but I made an exception and I'm glad I did!

I found a very nice 14" bottle brush tree for my large deer!  And while I was there, I saw this..

...a pale yellow Pyrex 231 pan in excellent condition.  I couldn't leave it. I also found my second piece of Descoware in the Markley pattern at a thrift.

Phew!  I'm pooped, but wait!  I haven't linked up with  Sir-Thrift-A-Lot at Thriftasaurus for the longest time--let's hop on over there and see what's going on!   See you over here!


  1. Great finds! You did so well with rounding up some x-mas treasures!
    And your arrangement is beautiful!
    Erica :)

  2. Wow!! SO many great finds!! Love your beautiful arrangement in the Santa planter!! That is really neat! Enjoy all of your goodies!! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! xo Holly

  3. I am SUPER jealous of that 231. I have been looking for it for an eternity! Super nice find!

  4. Can someone come scrape me off the floor? I have swooned with the awesomeness of these pictures! Evie, you are on a roll-congrats on all your great finds!


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