Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vintage Finds - Some Pink and Blue

There hasn't been a lot out there in the wild but I suppose it depends on what strikes your fancy, but I'm trying to be really picky so I don't end up being a hoarder.  Great prices on what I found.  Best piece is this Holt Howard 2 piece salt shaker.  First time every running into Fire King apple blossom patterned pieces and a nice delphite blue bowl.  Phone was a total surprise, beautiful blue, fits into my guest room!


  1. Charming treasures....I especially love the little salt shaker!

  2. Does the phone work? I have a blue one too and had to plug it in upstairs. It scares the bejesus out of me every time it rings. It's so loud!


    1. LOL! I haven't plugged it in yet Erica, the room it is in doesn't have a line so I intend on using it for decoration. But yes, we had a couple in the house before our renovations and they WERE loud that's that I got rid of them. Now I wish I would have kept the red one!


  3. We had those rather charming Salt an Pepper shakers which also served as a egg cup


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