Friday, March 28, 2014

Vintage Finds - A Week of Chalkware!

Funny how finds come sometimes.  This week was the week for chalkware!  Several pieces were on the large side, which is nice--I don't like having too many little things.

Hubby found a number of items for his collection to include these 16" 1960 Richter tiki chalkware pieces.

I found this oh so sweet 14" chalkware donkey planter for my friend.  It fits in perfectly with her vintage decor.  I have a hard time finding things she likes, I was so lucky, I plucked this from the bucket before it made it to the shelf!  She loves it!

Hubby ran into this 20" chalkware rooster by Jaru of California.  I don't think we've found anything more funky 1970s!!  One way or another it is going into the the 60s-70s laundry room!

Though I'm generally not a fan of Miller Studios chalkware, these pink fish were too cute to pass up!  I hung them up immediately!  Made me wish I had kept that pink boomerang Formica on the bathroom counter!

I also got some kitchen items...

An anthropomorphic garlic salt shaker.  He's so cute!  I'll touch up his nose! He's going to be the new guardian of garlic on my vintage glass container that I store my garlic in.

I saw this canister set and walked out of the store without it.  I was fighting with myself the minute I walked out the door.  Should I get them even though they are yellowed?  I turned around and went back in and purchased them.

You can see the original color on the back of one of the canisters.  There is a way to remove the yellowing from the plastic.  Hopefully I can do this without any bleaching of the original color itself.  I have to wait until summer as I have to expose them to sunlight after applying the solution.  Worst case is it doesn't work out and I turn them around and stencil or decal the fronts. I'll just use them for display when I change up my Pyrex display.

I just couldn't resist this design coupled with the aqua colored canisters! Perfect!


  1. Chalkware is definitely something that I know nothing about, but I do know I love those fish! Awesome score and so cute :-)


    1. Yeah, those faces were pretty irresistible! And pink!

  2. OH MY GOSH-Tiki bonanza!! That is wonderful! I will admit, I am drooling a bit over those finds. It is funny how some weeks there is almost a theme to what you see. Those chalkware fish are so, so cute-and you reminded me I have some chalkware geese somewhere in a box. Probably should find those :) I should actually go shopping in my own shed, I am sure I will be amazed at my finds!

    If I had room, another collection I would start is kitchen canisters. I love this set you got, the color and the design are perfect. I hope you can get them back to the original color, although even with the yellowing they look very pretty in the pictures!

    1. Tee-hee, I know what you mean Maureen, I had to go through some of my packed up stuff and was surprised by some of the stuff I found! Time for me to do some spring cleaning!


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