Monday, June 25, 2012

Did Someone Say Fire King??? Pyrex???

I hit one of my least favorite thrift stores last Saturday.  They had 50% off everything and I didn't expect to find anything.  I find them to have a lot of junk and be very over priced.  Well slap me silly!  They apparently stocked for this sale and look what I found!!!

Not only did I find these beautiful pink and white gold trimmed Fire King mugs, but I got 6 of them!!!  I'm still dancing and singing over this find  Oh wait, let's not forget...for a total of... $2.94!!

Here are a couple more of the 49 cent Fire King is the older 1940s "Ivory".  It is a touch larger and heavy (thicker).  Hubby likes these better for himself than the pink.  A very large custard glass salt shaker, more than I wanted to pay ($2.49), Tupperware measuring spoons (excellent condition in my shade of green) 99 cents, and two Irish linen towels that were previously in an antique store and claim to be hand drawn, 2 for 98 cents.

Last but not least, the Pièce de résistance.  One of my favorite Goodwill stores didn't let me down this trip--this Pyrex addicts one most sought after collections--the primary color refrigerator dish set, for $12!  And in absolutely beautiful condition, hardly a scratch and no chips to the lids!!!  I'm in heaven!

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